Glass industry

Founded in 1997, LWN Lufttechnik GmbH is a market leader in terms of ventilators and cooling systems for the glass industry.

Our key strenghts:

  • We are glass industry specialists. We are aware of our customers' needs.
  • We can respond flexibly as we produce our own ventilators and piping.
  • We never try to save money at the cost of quality. All our fans and pipings are heavy-duty industrial models, which work reliably over long periods of time.
  • Our employees are our priority. That's why we pay special attention to training and safety. Our fitters know how to behave properly and safely, especially when doing hot work.

Services for the glass industry


When it comes to modernising or optimising existing cooling systems, we rely on our experience, fleixibility and ability to respond quickly. Our specialists analyse the given processes, errors and defects and offer optimal solutions.

We also offer the measurement and installation of additonal ventilators, nozzles etc.


We plan projects right from the start in our construction department. For furnace constructions, we develop the nozzle plan including piping. We also offer advice regarding capacitive ventilator design.

As the central platform of our work, AUTOCAD enables us to use your data in virtually any format. We can add piping to your drawings, instantly giving you an overview of the space required.

All drawings can be provided in 3D format if desired.


We manufacture almost all fans, piping, nozzles, valves etc. ourselves. Each job is made-to-order based on the specific project, meaning customised solutions.


The impellers of our ventilators are not standardised, i.e. we can adjust them to your specific parameters, down to the last milimetre, which is certainly a unique selling point in the industry.

We use information on volume flow and pressure, or the application description, to determine the suitable fan. We also recommend appropriate accessories, such as vane regulators, louvers, insulation etc.

Our fans are capable of pushing 200.000 m3/h. The largest motors installed have an output of 500 KW. We also offer tried-and-tested solutions for high temperatures of up to 400°C.

Furnace cooling systems

Cooling systems are crucial for ensuring a long-lasting furnace. We particularly recommend our TZS03 double-suction fans. They are much more compact compared with single-suction fans and they display impressive reliability.

Electrical equipment

As part of our system solution, we also offer frequency inventers and automation technology. That makes us the perfect partner for your ventilation system.


Our trained, experienced staff will install the systems for you. Our fitters have worked in the glass industry for many years. They are familiar with the conditions and are true experts in all relevant tasks. They also liaise with other contractors.

Moreover, they are able to perform complex operations in heat, right by the feeder, or on the furnace, working carefully and in accordance with occupational health and safety rules.

Products for the glass industry